Monday, Sep 9, 2019

Please join the Survey Research Center for the Social Science Faculty Welcome Luncheon scheduled at 11:30 AM to 1 PM on Monday September 9, 2019, at the Palmer House, One Bayard Lane.

Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

To better understand the role of pain and pain medication in the life of prime age men who are neither working nor looking for work, the Survey Research Center at Princeton University conducted a brief online survey of a sample of men age 25–54 using an Internet panel provided by Survey Sampling, Inc. (SSI).

Monday, Aug 26, 2019
by efreelan
A new post by Edward Freeland presents results from a recent survey of public opinion on a Universal Basic Income (UBI).  A simple experiment shows that responses to questions about government-sponsored UBI in the US and nonprofit-sponsored UBI in Africa are significantly influenced by question ordering effects.
Monday, Aug 26, 2019
Come celebrate a sweet end to summer with the Survey Research Center featuring Thomas Sweet ice cream! SRC staff will be scooping Thomas Sweet Ice Cream while you load up on your choice of sweet toppings. Monday August 26, 2019 at 2:30pm – rain or shine!
Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019
A backstage tour of what the music industry can teach us about economics and life by Alan B. Krueger
Thursday, Aug 1, 2019
by Edward P. Freeland
Monday, Jul 1, 2019

This survey was designed to study the life circumstances and well-being of professional musicians and composers. The goal was to learn how different aspects of being a musician relate to overall well-being and life satisfaction. The survey was limited to people who earn most of their income as a musician or were working toward earning most of...

Friday, May 24, 2019
by Edward P Freeland

The staff of the Survey Research Center mourns the passing of its Director, Prof. Alan B Krueger, who died on March 16, 2019.  Alan was the driving force behind the creation of the SRC at Princeton University more than 25 years ago.

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019

The percentage of Americans willing to participate in telephone polls has hit a new low, according to a new report, raising doubts about the continued viability of the phone surveys that have traditionally dominated politics and elections, both in the media and in campaigns.

Friday, Nov 17, 2017
by dveith
Founded in 1992, the Survey Research Center at Princeton University has become a key resource for faculty, students and staff planning to design and manage data collection through surveys, interviews and online experiments. To mark its 25th year of operation, the SRC will host a full day colloquium featuring presentations on recent research by...