Short Course on Survey Weighting

Oct. 13, 2021

1:30 PM Eastern Time
Presented by Richard Valliant

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Please join Rick Valliant on Oct. 13 from 1:30 pm-5 pm for an Introduction to Survey Weighting. 

Learning Objectives

• This workshop will cover the steps generally used to weight probability samples, including computation of base weights, adjustments for unknown eligibility of some units, adjustments for nonresponse, and calibration to population controls. Calibration methods to be covered are poststratification, raking, and general regression estimation.
• The methods that will be covered apply to a variety of samples, including single-stage telephone surveys, web surveys, and multistage area probability samples. We also review methods that have been proposed for weighting nonprobability samples.
• Weight calculations will be demonstrated with R and Stata code that attendees will receive in advance.

Who Should Attend?
This course is appropriate for persons who are actively engaged in weighting survey data or who are interested in learning the purposes of the different steps in weighting. The presentation is applied rather than theoretical, although the theory that supports all steps will be noted. 
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