Monday, Jul 1, 2019

This survey was designed to study the life circumstances and well-being of professional musicians and composers. The goal was to learn how different aspects of being a musician relate to overall well-being and life satisfaction. The survey was limited to people who earn most of their income as a musician or were working toward earning most of...

Friday, May 24, 2019
by Edward P Freeland

The staff of the Survey Research Center mourns the passing of its Director, Prof. Alan B Krueger, who died on March 16, 2019.  Alan was the driving force behind the creation of the SRC at Princeton University more than 25 years ago.

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019

The percentage of Americans willing to participate in telephone polls has hit a new low, according to a new report, raising doubts about the continued viability of the phone surveys that have traditionally dominated politics and elections, both in the media and in campaigns.

Friday, Nov 17, 2017
Founded in 1992, the Survey Research Center at Princeton University has become a key resource for faculty, students and staff planning to design and manage data collection through surveys, interviews and online experiments. To mark its 25th year of operation, the SRC will host a full day colloquium featuring presentations on recent research by...
Monday, Sep 19, 2016
Recent headlines around the world have been blaring: “Polls are failing us”, “Why are the polls getting it wrong in so many countries?”, and “British Election’s Other Losers: Pollsters”. Is survey research on the verge of death?
Wednesday, Mar 2, 2016

The 2020 Census will be like no decennial census before it. The Census Bureau is reengineering key processes to make the 2020 count the most  technologically advanced decennial census ever  taken—including innovative techniques and  technology as well as new data sources—while still producing quality results.

Thursday, Feb 4, 2016

Editor in Chief at Gallup Poll- Frank Newport, PhD delivered a speech and presentation at the Princeton School called Controversy Over the Role of Public Opinion in Presidential Elections on February 4, 2016.

Sunday, Mar 1, 2015

From March 30-31, the SRC conducted a survey of 2,409 people who earn income as online task workers. People who perform remote, computer-based tasks for services such as RapidWorkers, Samasource, and Amazon's Mechanical Turk often work for sub-minimal wages and have little or no recourse if online task employers decide not to pay them.