Questionnaire Development and Human Subjects Review

The SRC specializes in developing questionnaires that meet the needs of a wide range of complex surveys.  SRC researchers conduct background research to see if existing questions from any previous studies can be used.  Staff members then work closely with study directors to develop specific questions.  To pre-test questionnaires before they are fielded, the SRC conducts in-depth interviews or convenes focus groups as a part of the instrument development process.  The SRC is experienced in the use of cognitive interviewing techniques to help study directors understand how subjects respond to questions. The Qualtrics online survey system uses Google Translate for initial creation of non-English versions of survey questionnaires. Alternate versions can be edited as needed for linguistic precision, and Qualtrics allows multiple language versions of online surveys to run simultaneously.

The SRC also advises study directors on issues related to Institutional Review Board review and clearance.