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Book Chapter
Krueger AB, Kahneman D, Schkade D, Schwarz N, Stone AA.  2009.  National time accounting: The currency of life. Measuring the subjective well-being of nations: National accounts of time use and well-being. :9–86.
Journal Article
Kahneman D, Krueger AB.  2006.  Developments in the measurement of subjective well-being. Journal of Economic perspectives. 20:3–24.
Krueger AB.  2005.  The economics of real superstars: The market for rock concerts in the material world. Journal of Labor Economics. 23:1–30.
Dale SB, Krueger AB.  2014.  Estimating the effects of college characteristics over the career using administrative earnings data. Journal of human resources. 49:323–358.
Krueger AB, Pray MConnolly.  2008.  Evidence on the secondary market for concert tickets. Canadian Economics Association.
Krueger AB.  2018.  Independent Workers: What Role for Public Policy? The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 675:8–25.
Krueger AB, Mueller A, Davis SJ, Şahin A.  2011.  Job search, emotional well-being, and job finding in a period of mass unemployment: Evidence from high frequency longitudinal data [with comments and discussion]. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. :1–81.
Katz LF, Krueger AB.  2019.  The rise and nature of alternative work arrangements in the United States, 1995–2015. ILR Review. 72:382–416.
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